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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Early, insightful, cost-effective legal counsel on your environmental issues

No matter what your environmental or administrative legal issue is, Matthew Watsky knows that he can best serve his clients when brought in early on a project.  It is important to know how your business or personal activities are affected by federal, state, and local agency regulations.

For you to have the highest likelihood for success in attaining your goals, Mr. Watsky provides the following services:

  • Identifies the sets of regulations (possibly from several agencies) that will affect your project
  • Advises on the design or plan of your project so it best complies with the identified regulations
  • Works with technical experts to guide your project successfully
  • If your project is not approved, Mr. Watsky guides you through the administrative and judicial certiorari appeals
  • Knows how to navigate procedures and substance of an agency to the advantage of his clients

Achieving your goals in the following areas

Matthew Watsky endeavors to resolve your environmental and administrative disputes without resorting to litigation; however, if the need arises, you can be confident that your interests will be vigorously protected in litigation.

Matthew Watsky is dedicated to helping clients with their legal matters regarding—

Environmental law

Administrative law

Skilled environmental law representation in Dedham, Massachusetts

For experienced counsel and representation with your administrative and environmental law matters, contact Matthew Watsky, Attorney at Law today.

Environmental permitting, review, and litigation

Matthew Watsky provides help to developers with environmental review, the permitting process, and litigation.

Wetlands regulations 

Matthew Watsky has extensive experience working with and navigating you through the federal, state, and local statutes and regulations governing wetlands and water quality issues.

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Environmental law

Matthew Watsky represents businesses, developers, property managers, individuals, local governments, Massachusetts state government, and various groups in a wide variety of environmental issues.

Hazardous waste

Matthew Watsky has experience in the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) regulations governing hazardous waste site cleanup and supports clients who are seeking or defending against cost recovery demands under Chapter 21E.  Hazardous waste site cleanup is a cooperative effort among lawyers, engineers, and scientists in developing technical studies and risk assessments to comply with the MCP.

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Coastal environmental law  

Mr. Watsky is experienced in handling coastal issues and can represent you before municipal, state, and federal agencies to obtain the necessary approvals for coastal projects, including Chapter 91 licenses and flood plan map revisions.

Solid waste

Mr. Watsky represents clients who are involved in solid waste facility site assignments.  He has served as hearing officer in site assignment hearings for the City of Chelsea Board of Health, City of Haverhill Board of Health, City of Lowell Board of Health, and Northbridge Board of Health.

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Real estate development

Mr. Watsky can navigate a commercial or residential project through any needed land use approval, from site selection and feasibility analysis through all zoning, planning, and environmental regulatory approvals.

Administrative law

Mr. Watsky represents clients in the defense of federal, state, and local administrative violations.  He also assists clients in navigating and overcoming roadblocks that can arise during the permitting process.

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Municipal law

Mr. Watsky represents clients going before all municipal boards and agencies.

Zoning and land use

Matthew Watsky represents municipalities, developers, and neighboring landowners in all land use matters.  Regarding zoning and planning, Mr. Watsky can represent you in proceedings before local land use agencies for a variety of issues including zoning amendments, site plan approvals, subdivision plans, special use permits, variance relief, and subdivision approvals.

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Aviation law (FAA)

Mr. Watsky represents fixed base operators (FBO) in ensuring their rights to fair treatment by local and regional airports in compliance with the FAA grant assurances.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Mr. Watsky helps clients defend against citations issued by OSHA.  Has your company established the policies and procedures necessary to reduce violations and make it eligible to present an employee misconduct affirmative defense against OSHA?

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